Tribe Intensive

Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment Programs in Jensen Beach, Florida

Intensive Outpatient

Taking the next step in recovery at Tribe Intensive involves transitional living and community support. At this level of care individuals can attend either the day or night time IOP which offers flexibility for all schedules. Clients will meet with their individual therapist, attend group therapy, and have weekly meetings with our ever-growing tribe to foster sober support. Our structured and unique program will help each member of the tribe continue their recovery within a structured and accountable program.

Outpatient Program

Tribe members can continue their recovery journey through our outpatient program. Outpatient treatment allows the client to slowly integrate back into the real world while benefiting from a structured program with community support. Clients can continue to foster their personal growth with their individual therapist at their convenience, attend medical appointments, and continue to attend the weekly Tribe meeting.

Aftercare Program

Our continuum of care allows every individual who has joined the tribe to continue therapies as needed. In the Tribe Intensive aftercare program, tribe members have the opportunity to utilize all the therapies offered within the previous programs. This program is an additional step in the recovery process which is less intensive, although it still will provide the support and accountability individuals need.

Tribe's Mission

Tribe’s mission serves to aid those struggling with drugs and alcohol restore their hunger for life. Through our core values of community, hope, and purpose, we aim to instill a sense of camaraderie among the men and women we serve. Through our experiential and innovative treatment methods, we aim to break down the walls that active addiction builds to reveal someone’s true self. Our goal is to receive the lost and broken, and return an empowered new member of our Tribe into the community we serve.

The "Why"

These groups are specifically created to serve a purpose to our community. Within our program you will find a variety of groups ranging from your standard cognitive behavioral therapy, to experiential therapy. There is a purpose behind our program, its schedule, and its implementation. Addiction is a multi-faceted disease.
Due to addiction being unique in nature we MUST combat it with a unique approach. Which you will find here at Tribe Intensive. Our program has an advanced but specific rotation so that every client at Tribe will not only learn psychoeducation, but they will “feel” it and experience it within the group process.
Clients will gain insights, knowledge, coping skills, life skills, and behavioral modification techniques through tangible groups. Approaching addiction and co-occuring disorders through this technique allows clients the opportunity to process within the moment, which is a beautiful thing! Most individuals learn best through experience.
We will be assisting our clients with gaining real life techniques they can utilize in the moment. These tools will further promote not only an overall healthier lifestyle but give our clients in-the-moment tools they can utilize during a crisis. This is “why” we do what we do, to truly help the individuals who step through our doors, and into the Tribe family.

What Clients say

I recommend someone to come here ready to get away fully from the past life of pain and struggle, where drugs and alcohol were believed to be the only solution to the problems, when really the problem was never letting go of the past that did no help to a person. Staying in a present mindset where the main goal is staying focused on being serene will avoid a person from getting stuck in a bad time, which takes away the douse for the future to be as beneficial as one would always want it to be.

Everyone deserves help and a seconad chance ! this treatment center can help and will help !

Tribe Intensive has done amazing things for me. Everyone at Tribe truly does care & will go out of their way to make sure they can help you with whatever you need. They have given me the tools to achieve my goals & helped me get my life back. I highly suggest giving Tribe a shot in helping you get your life back.

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