Many addicts find that they are not only addicted to drugs or alcohol. All too many individuals are addicted to both alcohol and drugs at the same time. In these serious and potentially dangerous cases, it is important to find alcohol rehab centers that also address drug addiction. The answer to the question: Do alcohol rehab centers help with other addictions too is that many (if not most) do deal with both addictions.

Medical Detox Programs

Stopping taking alcohol and drugs does not mean that your body is happy about it straight away. This is why it is important to check into a facility that offers a medical detox program for both conditions. These will assist your body in processing the remaining alcohol and drugs. It often causes withdrawal symptoms that can be extremely intimidating. There can be dangerous complications that require a significant level of care. 

Undergoing this medical detox involves remaining in an intensive environment for a good five to seven days. Here you will be carefully monitored around the clock by the medical staff to make certain that you have a detox process that is:

The friendly staff will be available to assist you all night and day as you undergo the healing that is physical and emotional. Centers that offer both alcohol and drug rehab detox will make safety their number one concern.

Intensive In-Patient Treatment Programs

After detox, recovering individuals who are dealing with both alcohol and drug addiction will benefit from an intensive residential treatment program. These are set up much like typical inpatient treatment centers. They offer group and individual therapies, psycho-educational programs, and on-location 12 step recovery meetings. These centers also feature 24 hours per day, seven days per week nursing care, around the clock monitoring, and daily visits as needed from medical and psychiatric personnel.

They provide you as both an alcohol and drug addict with effective levels and plans of treatment that can even include:

You will work together with kind, experienced, caring staff on your case management, specially tailored treatment, and planning for discharge that will take into account your specific psychiatric and medical needs. 

Traditional In-Patient Treatment Programs

In patient treatment will give you the chance to concentrate fully on a clean recovery from both alcohol and drugs through a total breakaway from stresses and triggers that your everyday life provides. With inpatient treatment like this, the treatment center will be both welcoming and comfortable so that you can dedicate full-time to your crucial recovery from both drugs and alcohol. 

These in-patient (or residential) treatment centers are effective because of their finely structured environments that include therapy sessions, group meetings, recreational hours, and relaxation every day. The kind staff are always on-site to work on your treatment from the first day. They will strive to create a helpful transition so that your subsequent alcohol and drugs treatment will be smooth. These stays are typically from 60 to 90 days long and can make a huge difference in a successful recovery. 

Partial Hospitalization and Outpatient Programs

These programs help you to transition out of the in-patient around the clock supervision. PHP is considered to be a form of outpatient treatment. You live in your own home or otherwise in a sober living facility. Treatments will still go on six hours per day for minimally five days each week. 

There will be structured daily programming to encompass individual and group therapy on a weekly basis. Besides this, you will get support group meetings, experimental therapies, holistic treatment, alternative therapy, and recreational activity opportunities. 

Other outpatient programs will be less intensive. They will permit you to manage your work, home, and family requirements. This is considered to be the critical stage in returning to the real world on a successful alcohol and drug-free basis. You either return home or to a sober living situation, but still go to minimally three hours of treatment each day, minimally three days every week. This program will be tailored to your own treatment plan according to a schedule that works for you specifically. 

This will provide you with the chance to demonstrate your sobriety in a real-world setting while continuing your journey of recovery with group and individual therapy. There will also be support groups, aftercare planning, and help with finding employment opportunities as well. 

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